Wednesday, October 14, 2015

upon becoming invisible I love

upon becoming invisible
the invisible shows Itself - only that
 slakes my thirst.
i must drop all points of reference
all identity, all characteristics,
all carry-overs of 'me',
all that i want, i prefer, i am,
and yet be infinitely gentle
to my self, this tender creature
that moves and is moved
by its characteristics, its personality
its peculiarities, desires, needs and wants
imperfections, instabilities, inconsistencies.
still, upon becoming invisible
i merge with Mystery
there I see You.
I am here to see You,
and you let Me see You and
you give me permission to see you
your imperfections, your shortcomings
your humanness, your fallibility,
your vulnerability and fickleness,
and there I see You
Mystery unveiled.
I am here so that I can see me
in you, as You as Me.
the realms merge,
the visible with the subtle.
You are my Love.
I can only love You as you
because as you drop your veils
and show yourself as you
and Me as me.
we are visible in all our messiness
trying so hard to be clean and clear
patient compassionate understanding
 tender gentle loving
so that I see the Invisible in you
and then I see You.
That is why I am Here
to Love You Mystery unveiled.

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