Friday, October 30, 2015

the incredible Hulk and spirituality

The thought of God, of that which is beyond, is the activity of the mind that awakens the desire to know what I really am.

That desire is akin to a surge of energy felt within that can spark the leap beyond the mind. The desire to know what I really am means the visceral urge to BE THAT, and has nothing to do with the intellect. It is an inner dynamic similar to the transformation of the Marvel Comics character Bruce Banner into the comic book hero Hulk. The angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he gets, and his capacity for physical strength is potentially limitless due to the fact that the Hulk's strength increases proportionally with his level of great emotional stress. In difference to Hulk, the emotional charge of one with this urge to BE the undying SELF has a limitless potential for deeper and deeper inner connection with our true primordial nature - what we are prior to the projection of the phenomenal world by the mind.

In this dynamic all levels of my being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, are triggered to drop their inhibiting patterns and open in an instant to the Immensity and Imponderable that I Am. In each moment it is a renewed shaking off of habit energy that clouds and entangles my spirit, so that naked awareness can flood my perception. I open the flood-gates in that surrender, not knowing what will result. I am resigned to the inevitability of merging with the Infinite even as my finite being screams: “Danger!” But to no avail, because all else is now clearly a shadow life in a shadow world. At this point there is no choice: disillusionment is complete. Ram! Ram! Ram! The cry to Eternal Presence to take me, I am Yours!

“But man‘s special duty, which is the thought of God, the activity of the mind that awakens the desire to know what you really are, on this you should concentrate; and it is most important to make a special effort in this direction. … If circumstances will not permit any other exercise, let it be only the remembrance of Him — the purpose of it all being the realization of the One Who is manifested in all forms and in all modes of being.”
“That in which there is no question of form or formlessness, of beyond form and attributes, of transcending even the beyond--—that alone is worthy of human aspiration.”

“Only actions that kindle man‘s divine nature are worthy of the name of action, all the rest are non-actions - a waste of energy. Any line of behavior that fails to quicken the divine in man should be eschewed, no matter how enticing it might-appear; but any that helps to awaken man‘s inherent divinity must be resolutely adopted even though it be seemingly uninviting. Man‘s calling is to aspire to the realization of Truth, to tread the excellent path that leads to immortality. What appears delightful to the senses later develops into a hotbed of poison, generating inner turmoil and disaster, for it belongs to the realm of death.”
Annandamayee Ma, Matrivani Verses 22, 24,

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