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1. Namdev says the Name is immortal. Forms are innumerable, but the Name is all that.

2. The Name itself is Form. There is no distinction between Name and Form. God became manifest and assumed Name and Form. Hence the Name the Vedas established. Beware there is no mantra beyond the Name. Those who say otherwise are ignorant. Namdev says the Name is Keshava [God] Himself. This is known only to the loving devotees of the Lord.

3. The all-pervading nature of the Name can only be understood when one recognises one’s own ‘I’. When one’s own name is not recognized, it is impossible to get the all-pervading Name. When one knows oneself, then one finds the Name everywhere. To see the Name as different from the Named creates illusion. Namdev says, ‘Ask the Saints.’

4. No one can realize the Name by practice of knowledge, meditation or austerity. 

Surrender yourself first at the feet of the Guru and learn to know that ‘I’ myself is that Name. After finding the source of that ‘I’ merge your individuality in that oneness which is self-existent and devoid of all duality. That which pervades beyond dvaita [duality] and dvaitatita [that which is beyond duality], that Name has come into the three worlds. The Name is Parabrahman itself where there is no action arising out of duality.

The same idea is also found in the Bible: ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.’

Q: So the true name of God will ultimately be revealed by self-enquiry?

A: Since you yourself are the form of the japa, if you know your own nature by enquiring who you are, what a wonder it will be! The japa which was previously going on with effort will then continue untiringly and effortlessly in the Heart.

Q: How long should I do japa for? Should I also concentrate on an image of God at the same time?

A: Japa is more important than external form. It must be done until it becomes natural. It starts with effort and is continued until it proceeds of itself. When natural it is called realization.

source: David Godman, Be As You Are, The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi p. 74

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Yoga Vasishta Sara

Chapter Two (excerpt)

15. This world, though unreal, appears to exist and is the cause of life- long suffering to an ignorant person, just as a (non-existent) ghost (is the cause of fear) to a boy.

16. One who has no idea of gold sees only the bracelet. He does not at all have the idea that it is merely gold.

17. Similarly towns, houses, mountains, serpents, etc. are all in the eyes of the ignorant man, separate objects. From the absolute point of view this objective (world) is the subject (the Self) itself ; it is not separate (from the Self).

18. The world is full of misery to an ignorant man and full of bliss to a wise man. The world is dark to a blind man and bright to one who has eyes.

19. The bliss of a man of discrimination, who has rejected samsara and discarded all mental concepts, constantly increases.

20. Like clouds which suddenly appear in a clear sky and as suddenly dissolve the entire universe (appears) in the Self and (dissolves in it).

21. He who reckons the rays as non-different from the sun and realizes that they are the sun itself is stated to be nirvikalpa (the undifferentiating man).

22. Just as the cloth, when investigated, is seen to be nothing but thread, so also this world, when enquired into, is (seen to be) merely the Self.

23. This fascinating world rises like a wave in the ambrosial ocean of consciousness and dissolves in it. How then can it be different from it (i.e. consciousness) in the middle (i.e. when it appears) ?

24. Just as the foam, the waves, the dew and the bubbles are not different from water, even so this world which has come out of the Self is not different from the Self.

25. Just as a tree consisting of fruits, leaves, creepers, flowers, branches, twigs and roots, exists in the seed of the tree, even so this manifest world exists in Brahman.

26. Just as the pot (ultimately) goes back to mud, waves into water and ornaments into gold, so also this world which has come out of the Self (ultimately) goes back to the Self.

27. The snake appears when one does not recognize the rope; it disappears when one recognizes the rope. Even so this world appears when the Self is not recognized ; it disappears when the Self is recognized.

28. It is only our forgetfulness of the invisible Self which causes the world to appear just as (the ignorance of the) rope (causes the) snake to appear.

29. Just as the dream becomes unreal in the waking state and the waking state in the dream, so also death becomes unreal in birth and birth in death.

30. All these are thus neither real nor unreal. They are the effect of delusion, mere impression arising out of some past experiences.

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The Balance of Power on the Planet has Shifted: Meditation Tomorrow!

This is Alia's weekly update in preparation for Sunday's Event Meditation. Join us!

Reminder ~ Weekly EVENT Meditation: Add YOUR Intention


It's almost Sunday again -- time to take stock of the week and prepare once again to join in unity with all sentient beings who are gathering each Sunday at 7 PM GMT to focus on accelerating the liberation of our Solar System and the triggering of the EVENT.

"The Light Forces have said that the number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the timing of the Event."

It's been a productive week for the White Hats and Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. I will give some links and headlines from around the world that indicate that the balance of power is rapidly shifting from the criminal syndicates (who have controlled the surface population and all societal intstitutions for millennia) into the hands of those who pledge to serve the needs of Humanity at large. Below are a few examples of historic change.

Ben's weekly report covers so many fronts that if you only read this one article, you'll get a thorough summary of the ground that is being taken on the part of the world's "Good Guys and Gals."

Benjamin Fulford 1-19-16… “The revolution continues with shipping freeze, stock plunge, US dollar dumping, $20 oil, attacks on gold mines and more”

The world is watching what happens on Mauna a Wakea on the Big Island of Hawaii, because what is happening there is the essence of We the People standing for our freedom and the freedom of our planet.

“The Significance of Mauna a Wākea for the planet”, by Te Kanapūoterangi"

The mega corporations, pushing their poisons and GMO-based "agriculture" at the expense of our Humanity, are beginning to feel the wrath of the People -- in the bottom line -- where it hurts. We are slowly but surely closing them out.

A Couple of Monsanto [and Dow] Defeats… Natural News 1-20-16… “Monsanto has terminated 16% of its workforce” & “EPA revokes approval of… glyphosate herbicide… Enlist Duo”

Good news regarding the situation in the Ukraine. It now appears that the US backed regime in Kiev has been told in no uncertain terms that they are about to see most of "their" country returned to Poland and Russia, with just an itty-bitty section for their Khazarian mafioso to inhabit in the middle somewhere. Good luck guys!

Veterans Today 1-17-16… “Surkov-Nuland Meeting and End of the Junta”

And perhaps the biggest news of all -- the opening of the China-led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, part of a more transparent alternative to the Federal Reserve and European Central Banking system that has deceived, defrauded and outright stolen wealth from every decent person and country on the planet.

1-16-16… BricsPost, “Xi: “This is a historical moment”” & RT, “China-led AIIB development bank officially launched”

Meditations begin at 7 PM GMT every Sunday: that's 2PM EST; 1 PM CST; and 11 AM PST in the USA. Here is a time converter for use in other locations.

You can use the beautiful video below as a focusing tool.

You may also use the following video that is referred to in the video above. The relevant, additional material begins at minute 5:55.

Together we can do this!

Victory of the Light!




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Weekly EVENT Meditation Tomorrow Jan 10!

"Alia's Comments: Our numbers are growing and momentum is building for COmpression BRA(eak)through or COBRA. Just after last week's EVENT Meditation, Cobra posted this update on our planetary situation. I found it most encouraging. 

"Many people are aware that there has been a "shadow government" controlling all aspects of life on our planet. This group is sometimes referred to as "The Powers that Be," The Illuminati," or the "Cabal." Whatever the name, this group of powerful and wealthy elite has infiltrated every aspect of human society for millennia. If the power of this group is threatened in any major way by any individual or "outside" group, that person or organization is quickly thwarted by ridicule, bribery, blackmail, threats of death or in cases such as John F. Kennedy (who was proposing disbanding the Federal Reserve money system and giving the job of printing money back to Congress as originally intended by our Constitution) assassination. These tactics have kept most of the population under control for a good long time.
"Fewer people are aware that there is an "Alliance" that has infiltrated the Cabal-run governments, national security agencies, the military and the Pentagon, NATO, The Vatican and most religious organizations -- in short, every group the Cabal controls or keeps tabs on. This "Alliance" involves what Cobra refers to as the Light Forces -- beings dedicated to liberating our planet from the clutches of the present controllers and giving the People of Earth our rightful place as determiners of our own lives and future.

"We are part of these "Light Forces," -- perhaps the most important element of them, for it is WE, the surface population of Earth that needs to raise our consciousness and vibrational frequency enough to permit those benevolent beings above and within our planet to come to our aid in liberating us from our present controllers. Much is being done behind the scenes and out of sight. Many people think nothing is happening to challenge the current power structures but every day now we seeing more evidence that the balance of power is tipping towards the Light.

"As I posted in last week's post :
"The Light Forces have said that the number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the timing of the Event."

"In the past month, since my husband and I have been posting these weekly reminders of the Sunday Weekly Event Meditations, the number of people reading and "liking" them has grown from 30, to 111, to almost 900 last week! THAT is some exponential growth!
"So once again, we invite you to set aside 7PM GMT each Sunday -- which equates to 11 AM PST, 1 PM CST and 2PM EST in the USA. Add your intention for full disclosure of all that has been withheld from us and the COBRA EVENT to happen ASAP
"Here is a simple time converter for those of you who live outside the USA. You think you are only one person -- what does your participation matter? We are only two people and, together with FB friends sharing on their networks, in the past month we have spread the word to more than 1100 others, and with the multiplier effect, many more
"It is our collective consciousness, directed intentionally toward what WE WANT that is the unbeatable force the Cabal fears the most. Our momentum is building. Let's keep it going.
"Please circulate this through your own social media and contact circles!
Meditation Video

"Using only the above video is sufficient AND you may also add the meditation that is referred to within this video. I have posted that second video below. The relevant, additional material begins at minute 5:55."

Additional Meditation Video

Victory of the Light!

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shamanic journeying with Sandra Ingerman

This offer for a free online workshop with Sandra Ingerman, a highly respected teacher of shamanism, was sent to me by the Shift Network. Please consider if you are interested in taking part. If you do participate in the free online workshop next Wednesday, Dec 16th, and then register for her course, I will receive a commission. Therefore I would also be grateful if you would share this with friends and whomever you feel might be interested.
Here is the info on the free workshop:

~ How to get higher guidance from shamanic journeying - a free Shift Network online workshop ~

There are different views on shamanic journeying. Whatever your view is, this workshop will deepen your understanding and enrich your own practice.
Many report that with this practice they feel they have entered into a parallel world of consciousness and receive accurate guidance on life situations they are facing.This practice is called shamanic journeying. You can seek and receive this guidance as well as healing for yourself and others.
For thousands of years, shamans around the world have perfected the art of traveling in consciousness to other levels of reality, gaining access to information that can seem quite extraordinary about how to treat and prevent disease, avoid negative situations, clear family issues, plan for our future, and more.
This information is not just available to traditional shamans but any sincere seeker who learns the core methods and humbly applies them.
If you’re interested in learning this powerful skill, you won’t want to miss a free, online workshop with Sandra Ingerman, world-renowned teacher of shamanism, called: The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying: How to Access Inner Guidance from Helping Spirits.
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Sandra has been teaching shamanic journeying to seekers and practitioners for more than 30 years. Learning this powerful practice can help you gain greater clarity and insight into any number of life challenges, from medical issues to difficult family dynamics to imbalanced relationships––even business or work struggles.
During this free virtual event, you’ll learn:
  • Why shamanism is relevant to our modern culture and improving the quality of your life emotionally, mentally and physically
  • How shamans view emotional and physical illness (this is fascinating and empowering information!)
  • How to harness the power of ceremony to create healing and spark transformation
I invite you to join this fascinating workshop with one’s the most renowned master teachers of shamanism. It’s free, but you must register here to receive more information on this free workshop and for the access details:
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Great Mystery

Great Mystery


Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery


teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition,


my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit.


Teach me to trust these things


so that I may enter my sacred space


and love beyond my fear,


and thus walk in balance


with the passing of each glorious sun.


- American Indian Lakota Prayer



this delusional state

Once in our yoga seminar one of the students asked Rajo, my first teacher, about something that had happened to her the evening before in her room. She said that she was just looking at the wall when suddenly it started to move and she asked what was the reason for that, and if it was something to be alarmed about. He replied that she had in that moment had a glimpse of reality because actually nothing is as fixed as it appears in our perception. After the couple of days in the yoga seminar breathing deeply and doing the exercises that bring us into a more tranquil state she was able to relax the programming of the psycho-somatic system and was able to see through the projected version of reality to the actuality. In actuality we find ourselves in a sea of energy that is in eternal flux and it is our particular nervous system that is able to superimpose on this flux of energy the perception of forms that seem to be constant. This is a wonder and allows us the experiences of the 'phenomenal world' we live in.

The only difficulty arises when we begin to allow ourselves to be dominated by the perception of forms as fixed and absolute. Thus the sages speak of the usefulness of surrender. Ramana, a modern sage who died in 1950, spoke of surrendering the 'I' thought, since the sense of 'I', or the thought-form 'I' is, according to him, the root thought-form upon which all other thought-forms hinge. Our usual sense of 'I' is that we are this 'I', this person, and that this sense of being a person is the foundation, the bedrock for all other experiences in this phenomenal world. This bases also on the perception that the 'real' world is the phenomenal world and all else is ephemeral and 'unreal'. It is not that the phenomenal world in not real, but we generally lose awareness of the fact that all is actually an endless and eternal flux of energy and that nothing phenomenal is in any way permanent or 'solid' in the sense of lasting.

Many may be familiar with the reports of Jill Bolte-Taylor, the scientist who suffered a severe stroke and recovered while throughout the whole process being able to report on the various stages of this amazing recovery as a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist. At one point she saw everything around her as atoms, molecules and electrons. When someone would come to the door of her hospital room she could only recognize them as a 'person' when the molecules in the area of the door-way would begin to move more strongly than those around that 'formed' the walls etc. Slowly her brain began to regain the programming that was able to see 'forms' as solid rather than as flowing streams of molecules.

Surrendering the ‘I’ thought is true surrender when it is seen that the sense of ‘I’ as a separate and independent entity from the Self is a delusional state. Out of this realization comes a shriveling up of this false ‘I’ sense. It is no longer possible for that fantasy projection to attract vital energy for its schemes and self-serving thought forms. Somehow the dynamic which previously fed this artificial center of the psyche has been undermined and interrupted. It is as if a ground-swell has risen all around and inundated the fragile boat of the small self. It is now submerged in the floods of the Great Unknown.

When it timidly asks “What am I doing? Who am I supposed to be? Isn’t there something of significance for me to accomplish, some importance for me as a person?” The answer comes from all sides “Forget your old identity, your goals and desires and just let it be. You will be led to what it is you are needed for, if anything.”

That last part is always particularly devastating: “… if anything.” Does that mean I as the person I was am perhaps not needed for anything? Exactly, that’s it. The Great One is complete, now, then and forever, here, and everywhere. You and I are already flesh and blood of the Great One and only our personal sense of ‘I’ creates the delusional state and obstructs our felt realization of this greater true Reality upon which our human existence is based.