Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Quality of Universal Consciousness

I must compare and discriminate and make distinctions to experience pain and pleasure. They are necessarily framed in a context. For the universal consciousness there is no pain or pleasure as it is both sides of every attribute that makes up a conscious experience. 

The sense of being an individual is the basis for the experience of comparison and of distinction. How can I say "I am cold" if all experiences are held in the neutral space of 'what is'? More precisely expressed would be: something in the field of experience of universal consciousness is noticed as being at a lower temperature than is optimal for that one unit within the field.

There is an altogether 'other' quality of universal consciousness "like the open sky" and "like the full moon" that includes all and refrains from excluding anything within the realm of phenomena. The force that illumines all and makes anything visible or experience-able, let's call it the one Sun, or Inner Effulgence, manifests as all forms - however subtle or gross. As this Effulgence 'shines' - it passes through itself, yes it is shining through itself onto itself as forms appear, stay awhile and then disappear.

The consistency of itself, once it is manifest is, or course, no longer transparent but tends to refract and reflect itself like in a hall of prisms, taking on seemingly individual shapes. In Reality, however, it is all still the One principle, manifesting out of "nothing" or out of the emptiness.

This 'other' quality of universal consciousness is the key to the realization of Reality and frees me from the illusions and false identifications that create turbulence in my life, and indeed, in the world.



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