Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clear Space

there is a weight
the weight of consciousness
so heavy dense
pulling down into thick velvet blackness
making the tongue heavy fingers thick
pressing on shoulders spine
the head like a boulder
eyelids leaden fall shut
legs crumple beneath
like an earthquake
a landslide a monsoon downpour
obliterating all traces
features disintegrate
primordial substratum seducing
light soaked up by its source
impenetrable density
black hole infinite crevice
rip in the fabric of experience
pulled thrown into it
overpowering vacuum sucking
oblivious to thoughts sentiments
beliefs crumbs of mind entire edifice crumbles
delicious destruction liberating annihilation
seething soothing cleansing
deleting all impressions residue in a flash
clear space empty space sacred space
fresh vision from no-space
brain regenerates breathes again
all scar tissue smoothed like a baby’s cheek
deep pool of eternal youth

February 9, 2010

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