Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to Find Love in One Easy Step

How to Find Love in One Easy Step


We need the eyes of Love
To really see what is in front of us.
All the time It is here
Right in our Face.
The Face of Love all around us.
Everywhere we look it really is
Looking into that Face.
Nothing but Love.
So why? We ask, don’t we see it all the time?
I cannot say why, but it is so.
How can we know this, too?
I cannot say how, but you can.
Your words are riddles…
Yes, only by solving the riddle can you see what I see.
Who is this speaking, anyway?
I cannot say, but you can hear me if you listen
With your very, very fine ear of spirit.
This is the One step.
Not always easy, but it can be:
Let go if for just this moment
Of all that is filling your senses.
Have nothing between you and Existence.
“Renounce the need for the next moment” *
Then in that clear, fine and pure Space,
Ask again your question.
Is your question “Who am I?”
Than ask it.
Is your question “What is Love?”
Than ask it.
Is your question “Why am I here?”
Than ask it.
Is your question “What is the meaning of Life?”
Then ask it.
Whatever question, there is only One answer
Because there is really only One question.
The question and the answer are One.
Asking your Question
deeply in that special place
That is only yours,
You enter into the Quest.
The Quest is your question and the answer:
Be earnest in your Quest,
Your deep yearning to enter behind the veil
Of what you have come to know as your world.
This earnest is itself the energy that leads you to what you yearn for,
What your soul needs to know
So that it is complete and whole.
It is only one Step because there really is no process
Or causality to finding the answer to this riddle.
“The first step is the last step.”**
Just let go of all you see that is not Love,
Like the dog sniffing for his Master’s scent:
He won’t go off on any other track
Until he connects with that Scent.
Then he is on it
And doesn’t let go until he is together again.
So look through the Eyes of Love
That see everywhere Love, no matter how disguised It is,
Hidden from the material eyes of this world.
Peel off those eyes and look again
With the innocent and trusting eyes - your first eyes.
You still have them.
They see Love.

*Eckhart Tolle
** Krishnamurti

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