Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tao Te Ching Verse 78 Lao Tzu

This well-known verse of the Tao Te Ching captures the new energy that I feel pervading our reality on this day 12-12-12. It is anchored more deeply into my heart from my mind which has, of course, realized the Truth of it before today. I see this understanding as one of the central Natural Laws of the Universe and know that it will govern more and more of life here on Earth in the coming days. It is up to each of us to feel it centered in our hearts and minds so that our actions may exemplify this for others. Namaste!

Verse 78

Nothing in this world
      is as soft and yielding as water
Yet for attacking the hard and strong
none can triumph so easily
It is weak, yet none can equal it
It is soft, yet none can damage it
It is yielding, yet none can wear it away

Everyone knows that the soft overcomes the hard
and the yielding triumphs over the rigid
Why then so little faith?
Why can no one practice it?

So the Sages say,
fulfill even the lowest position
love even the weakest creature
Then you will be called
“Lord of every offering”
“King of all below Heaven”

Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu
translation Jonathan Star

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