Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Could Get Used to This…


I had one of those exceptional dreams last night – the kind that when you “wake up” you realize that the dream was a real as where you are now.

And hearing the view recently that the dream quality of experience is how emotions manifest into a dimension of their own (some call it the 4th dimension) – I let my senses linger with this particular dream vision/experience a few times during this day so as to let the quality solidify itself more deeply into the cells of my psycho-somatic organism.

Also, I was aware upon “waking” that the quality of this dream experience had begun to root itself into my being as a new quality of perception. I refer now to a passage in the Hathor’s “Aethos” message that sheds light on my experience, as I have been connecting more and more with the realm of the Aethos through their sound meditation in the last two days:

“It is important to realize that non-dual states of consciousness are relative to the perceiver. Thus, if you experience non-duality through your heart chakra, you may very well experience impersonal love—a deep sense of cosmic connection.

Indeed, in this state of union between non-duality and the heart, you become infatuated, and for all intents and purposes, you fall in love with the cosmos. And in that paradox of the heart, you become the Beloved, and everything you see and witness is the Beloved as well.

While this is a beautiful state of consciousness, it is not pure non-duality. As you move upward into the higher chakras experiences of non-duality change. When you reside in the crown chakra, non-duality is experienced in its pure form—pure consciousness aware of itself. There is no sense of a personal self in these higher dimensions of non-duality.

The paradox of creation is that it unfolds from the purest states of non-duality into the most polarized states of existence. Thus, in your consciousness are the two seemingly conflicting states of relative existence (i.e., your embodied life in time and space) and non-dual states of consciousness in which all polarities and conflicts disappear.

Our perspective, as mentioned earlier, is that non-dual states of consciousness are cantilevers to greater mastery of creation and not the end point or the goal of evolution.”

Enough said. Now to the dream vision.

The Dream

Across from me sat two extraordinarily beautiful women with long blond hair. They were both smiling ecstatically to each other and just in general. One of them was kissing the other one repeatedly on the side of her head on her long fine hair and then up towards her forehead along the side of her face. In the dream the thought flashed “Are they lesbian?” but immediately it was clear that this was a show of affection and love that was much grander than their physical gender.

It was clear that one of the women was going to introduce me to the other one, whom I had not met yet. They both turned towards me and flooded me with their light like a dense shower of gold/white energy. Then the one I had not met before came closer and I drew her close with my hands on her waist, (however our upper bodies did not touch) and she brought her head close to the side of mine and we embraced such for some while (eternity) letting our light mingle and merge and surge together. She then spoke in a low voice in my ear: “I could get used to this!”

Then the words entered my consciousness, referring to all three of us: “We are angels.”

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The Message for Me

My sense of the underlying emotional reality of this experience is that this is the time and place for each of us to express that sense of “infatuation with the cosmos” and recall that effusive love for all experiences and the undying optimism that we all have felt at some point ~ maybe as a small child or in some particular situation. 

We are called upon to discard whatever might taint that expression - much as we discard the refuse we have swept up and don’t examine it again before we dump it into the Big Bin. This is to be in the pristine innocence that is our birthright and that grounds our alignment with the one Great Mystery that moves as the beating heart, the breath, the words and actions of each of us. 

The words “We are angels” is for me the expression that each of us, right here where we are on the ground of Gaia, our Mother Earth, is indeed a benevolent being of light as we have been told the angels are. We need only re-member our true nature and allow its active expression in our life day to day and moment to moment.

~ Om Tat Sat ~

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