Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arizona Beach Pledge


I herewith choose to enter into a vibratory alignment with the Aethos.

The Aethos is a bandwidth of consciousness anchored in pure non-duality.

I now broadcast a benevolent thoughtform of “Interconnectedness” to all of humanity.

This is a free offering of this thoughtform and a recognition and acknowledgement that this interconnectedness exists.

This interconnectedness exists alongside the unique differences of all individuals.

I imagine that my KA or “etheric double” rises above me, and floats to a position sixty miles above the planet, where I join hands with others all across the Earth who have joined in the meditation.

This joining of hands is a symbolic representation of the thought form we are calling “interconnectedness.”

Joining me in this sea of interconnectedness are the Devic kingdoms, the spirits of the Earth, the elementals, and the myriad life forms upon the Earth, as well as Gaia herself. 

I am joining with intergalactic intelligences as well as with cosmic bodies, including the Sun and the Central Sun—the black hole that forms the center of our galaxy.

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