Monday, October 22, 2012

Behind the Words


I am writing words and behind the words is what I wish to say.

This life we are living as awareness alive as itself.

Can I release my words, concepts, my hold on reality?

There is a seeing happening, I call it consciousness.

It is a flow, a swirling, a curling, a joining and separating ~

All within this movement and seeing is what it is.

The wall, the man, the jar, the cat, the rock, the clock

All seeing is what it is.

As it sees it becomes and yet it moves not.

Such a power in this Organ of Perception! 
It sees and in that is creating.

Now it sees thinking, dreaming, wishing, wanting, learning 
and So It Is.

Make it so, Number One, 
and the One is you, is me, is we.

We are the Seeing “I”, the Self is the Seeing Eye.

We are That.

Let’s start enjoying our Self!

Our time is come and it is NOW without end.

I greet each of You as my Self 
and Love is our language behind the words.

October 22, 2012

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