Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23 Qualities of Love – A 23 Day Meditation

I have compiled here 23 recent Tweets by Omnipresent Love @evolvewithlove

I have printed them and have them at my bedside as a daily meditation, taking one a day for the next 23 days:

  1. Love is an out of the ego experience
  2. Love is innocent. Love yourself unconditionally and return to innocence
  3. The lens of perception is cleansed by love
  4. A soul in pain is homesick for Love
  5. Love is the eternal sun shining beyond the clouds of human illusion and confusion
  6. Consciousness is inseparable from energy and energy cannot be destroyed. You are eternal and your essence is Love
  7. Courage comes naturally to one who loves
  8. Have the courage to love yourself. Unburden your heart and open your mind to the realization of your true identity and unity with all life
  9. The world is changed for the better by those who dare to love
  10. I am not my body. I am not my race. I am not my beliefs. I AM the individualization of Eternal Omnipresent Love
  11. We are illumined in the light of Love. We are empowered in the flow of Love. We evolve when we create with Love
  12. To love is to be free for there is nothing blocking the flow of our true nature
  13. Each one of us is an intrinsic facet of the omnipresence of Infinite Love
  14. Love creates to evolve. Love creates from what it is. Life is the creative flow of Love
  15. I followed my ego and got lost. I followed my heart and came home
  16. Love cannot be made. Love flows naturally from the heart and the heart is forever one with Infinite Love
  17. Hatred pollutes. Love transmutes
  18. We forget our origin and destiny when we lose sight of Love
  19. Love is expansive. When you give from your heart you grow
  20. Pride forms barriers. Love dissolves boundaries
  21. Be mindful of your heart and you will open the door to wisdom
  22. Love is the fire of the heart, the light of awareness and the energy of life
  23. What seems courageous to the mind is simply natural to the heart

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