Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unconditional Love

Light Baby (source unknown)

All Voices are my Self speaking to me
Mind creates all forms desired by Itself to show Itself to Itself
Myriad entities stand at the ready in my mind’s Eye
To appear and give voice to that which “I” desires to hear
In order to better see and understand Itself

What Love! to bring any form into Being that is desired needed wanted!
Asked for, yearned for, even before any word sprouts in the depths
I will hear and see that Word made flesh
Over and over and over
Whether I am ready to receive it or not

This Love Heart that is all that is
Keeps on cranking out more and more of Itself without reserve
Generous is such a trivial concept compared to this outpouring
Reckless Abandon!

Then the Organ of Perception that we and all forms are
Begins to piece together the picture to connect the pixel dots

! ! ! THIS IS I ! ! ! THIS WE ARE ! ! ! YOU ARE THAT ! ! ! I AM THAT ! ! !

T A T   T W A M   A S I

Once I felt the small child that felt the cutting whip of the harsh word the disapproving look the judgment the repulsion the cold shoulder oh so cold
I felt it from inside – I was the child defenseless innocent open fresh tender
Like the first sprouting green of the simple weed trampled by the hard heel

Callouses grew and grew thicker blocking the Light from Inside and Within
The first few years did the trick I was deaf and dumb for Self’s Love
Callouses covered my senses ears tongue eyes fingertips taste made bitter

At eighteen years rebellion –


That was my code: 
I took it Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
20–30 µg (micrograms) barely an energetic signature in the world of matter
Catapulted me outside of the veil of the dusty calloused tired world of despair
I looked around and noticed the sense of me the individual with biography and name
Gone gone far far far gone Om Gate Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!
All was embracing Itself as All Breathing ItSelf as All Seeing only Itself with Deep Love
Never-ending Love fathomless Love without reason without cause or conditions

Forty-Four years ago that was and started the odyssey of the heart to the Heart
Finding traces of my Self like fluorescent specks along the path of life
Sometimes covered with grime in the gutter
and yet still shining glinting in the rays of Sunlight or Streetlight
showing me the Way back to that child’s world
untouched opening like the petals of the rose covered with fine dewdrop diamonds

Now I am touched again by that energetic that signature of Love
no this time around no chemical catalyst just Life’s Urgent Call: Change NOW!
Who is the Master of My Destiny the Master of my Words Feelings Thoughts Actions?
Who is responsible for war peace hate love?
NOW NOW and NOW die to the past
WAKE UP to this NOW of LOVE
It’s what you want your deepest desire most secret secret fondest cherished dream

I take this in this voice of Mine
I rest in quietude in peace in knowing
I let this energetic transform strike into my core my cells my genes
This is who I am how I am NOW

See that child vulnerable everywhere in each ones eyes
Be kind whenever possible it is always possible said His Holiness

11/11/2012 Arizona Beach Retreat

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