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Let's put the negative ET's on a starvation diet - ZERO LOOSH!

"When you become a being that feeds on loosh, if your loosh supply is interrupted for even one day, you will die. ...That's energy they need absolutely. It's more important to them than what we would think of as money or food or water or any of the basic essentials for life.... If we were to have even one day on earth – one single day – where a preponderance of people on earth had something to feel good about, most of these beings would die." David Wilcock

This is information from David Wilcock that was published on June 14, 2015. (source) These excerpts are from the transcript of the radio show hosted by Jimmy Church "Fade to Black" that was recorded live on 5-25-2015. I have excerpted passages pertaining to what is being called "loosh energy" and some background on the Extraterrestrial races that are dependent on this energy. Loosh energy is basically their sustenance. According to this information their need for this energy is the reason for them having created a system that allows them to "farm our fear". It is not just outright human "fear" that creates this energy, but, as David says, it is "our jealousy, our anger, our sadness and our fear (that generates this energy). The more amoral, chaotic, violent, ruthless and selfish they can make us, the more energy they get."

The headers interspersed in the transcript are from David Wilcock.

David Wilcock on why the negative ET’s are here:

David Wilcock: So what they've done is they've gone around in the last 700,000 years or so and found all the other reptilians. They've merged their genetic material with them and conquered them. So they have their own little negative group that you could call the Draco, because they apparently originated in the Draco constellation. They are also dragon-like. The word 'draco' also means 'dragon'.
When I'm telling you this, I'm combining this from several different highly credible insider sources. I'm seeing commonalities between what different people tell me independently, and were in a position to know this is what is going on.
Jimmy Church: Okay.
DW: And this is more information than most people have ever been able to get about these guys before. A lot of this stuff is new. What we find out is that they were going around conquering worlds.

DW: This pissed off a lot of people and they really got their butts kicked.
They got their butts kicked badly enough that most of their attempts have failed. They have been basically beaten back into one little corner of our galaxy. That corner happens to be some of the stars that are near to us, such as the stars in the constellation Orion, the stars in the constellation Draco, and a few other places like that. They also have settled in our solar system in fairly recent terms. Apparently they got to our solar system somewhere in the neighborhood of 375,000 years ago.
JC: Why 375,000?
DW: That's just the figure that our new insider, Corey Goode, gave.
JC: I got ya.
DW: Based on what he was given.
So here's the deal. Here's the deal. What are they doing? What are they doing out there? What do they want? Right? You've got to look at these beings . . . And I'm not saying this to be derogatory. It's going to sound this way, but….

When your dog leaves doggie doo in the forest, it's not just going to sit there indefinitely.
Nature has made certain species, such as little bugs, that will come up – and they love that stuff. That's like a breakfast banquet for them.
JC: Uh-huh.
DW: Okay. The universe has designed itself so that there are intelligent life forms that absolutely are dependent upon our jealousy, our anger, our sadness and our fear. The more amoral, chaotic, violent, ruthless and selfish they can make us, the more energy they get.

That energy is called loosh. That's energy they need absolutely. It's more important to them than what we would think of as money or food or water or any of the basic essentials for life.

When you become a being that feeds on loosh, if your loosh supply is interrupted for even one day, you will die. 

They are that dependent on it. If we were to have even one day on earth – one single day – where a preponderance of people on earth had something to feel good about, most of these beings would die. In less than 24 hours they would be dead – gone forever. It's THAT serious. They are THAT dependent on our fear. So what you need to understand then is that these beings deliberately custom-designed a planet they could use for FEAR FARMING. They require fear just like we require money in the bank if we want to go to the grocery store to get something to eat.
[My comment: In the total context of David's interview it is clear that he sees these "Loosh-Eating-Beings" as an integral part of the Creator's Original Thought, which is Love for All of Creation. A deeper feeling tone that may arise in the reader that these beings are like parasites that need to be annihilated, destroyed, runs counter to the Original Thought of the Creator. We can recognize something in our own behavior (like being "amoral, chaotic, violent, ruthless and selfish") that we want to eliminate as part of our evolutionary growth to a higher vibrational frequency without judgment of these elements as "right" or "wrong", but simply as dysfunctional for the purpose we are pursuing: evolutionary growth.]
DW: Let me tell you something very bizarre that I heard from one of the new insiders. He, for a while, worked for the World Wrestling Entertainment – WWE. Every single time they do a major event when there's a big stadium of people, they have all these big screen TVs at the event. And most, if not all of those big screen TVs, quote-unquote, “Mysteriously go missing after the show.”
JC: What?
DW: Doesn't it sound crazy? Okay?
JC: Okay.
DW: I'm just going to tell you the truth.

The crystalline structure of these television screens picks up enough of the loosh that the Draco want those TV screens after an event, because it helps keep them going.
JC: It's like vitamin C.
DW: Yes! Now see, that's stuff I would never have thought of. It's so weird that people are going to laugh at me, but yet this is the stuff that you start to hear from people. This energy that we make actually gets imprinted into the crystals within the monitor – within the LCD, the liquid-crystal display.
JC: So they use a new one for every event.
DW: Every event. That's in the budget. They've got to buy new monitors. Yep.
JC: That's interesting. Well, that's some serious Big Brother stuff. You know, when you look at the screens over the crowds and the fear is just pumping and the energy is there and then it's a sponge.

DW: I'll give you another secret. They set these monitors up in the shape of, guess what? A pentagram. [A pentagram is a 5-pointed star, usually inside a circle, that is a symbol of mysticism.]
JC: Oh, I was going to say an eye.
DW: They put them in a pentagonal shape, because that's the magic circle.


Another thing, again this is a little disturbing, but what the hell.
Remember when there was that genocide in Rwanda? [This was a mass slaughter of around 1 million Tutsis and Hutu moderates by the Hutu majority in 1994.] You’ve got the Hutus and the Tutsis and they're going around chopping each other up with axes? And it was happening on a massive scale? They will literally cloak their ship, fly into our atmosphere, and park the ship over the battlefield as these people are dying – and just soak it up. That's what they've been doing for thousands and thousands of years. They need to keep creating wars so they can keep soaking it up.
JC: Is that what's going on in Syria and Iraq with ISIS? Are they soaking that up?

DW: Absolutely. They're doing whatever they can. And they are having a harder and harder time getting loosh.
Here's another thing. Okay?
Robin Williams apparently did not commit suicide on his own. He was pushed into it. They tried to get loosh from Paul Walker's death – the guy that was in Fast and Furious – and it didn't generate enough. They needed to create a bigger celebrity death to try to get enough. And that worked well for them. They got a lot of loosh off of Robin Williams. The next big thing that they did involving a celebrity on that scale was leaking the Cosby rape allegations. They've gotten a lot of loosh off of that. That was something they had saved up for when they needed it. But there are not very many of these left that they can pull. That's the thing. They're running out of time. They're running out of energy. And they are in serious, serious trouble now.

These following passages speak to our perspective as humanity to raise our frequency and progress to the next stage of human evolution.
If you have followed the great spiritual teachings that these 35 ancient cultures were all trying to teach us about being a good person, being a loving person – service to others, forgiveness, compassion…. [Then,] you're right back in to the realm of what happens to these 160,000 people in Tibet where they practiced these spiritual teachings. They don't die. They transform into a light being. This is the next stage of what human evolution is built to do.

You’ve got these Tibetans who are following exactly what the teachings of Christ are. Their focus is to have every single thought to be a loving thought. And if they can attain that level of self-perfection, then they graduate into this higher level of humanity.


What you have to do is look at the current of events that are taking place on earth and how fast are people awakening. This is very important. This quantum leap is not some event that takes place at a pre-described time. It is an event in which the human consciousness, reaching a critical minimum stage of awakening, releases the pressure on the spring. (Here David is using the metaphor of a tightly wound spring that will catapult humanity into a new phase of evolution - he explained this further up n the interview - see full transcript.) That's the key. When do we grow up enough that it's time for the quantum leap? 

This transcript begins at the 71:56 mark of the show. The first part of the show was discussing David's music work.
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  1. I wonder if loosh is harvested also when we are watching funny or heart wrenching videos on Youtube and Facebook...there are some effed up videos that initially look benign or slightly dramatic ... and then you realize you might have watched someone commit suicide or die in a car crash.