Saturday, March 16, 2013

Complete absence

Lightmare: Complete absence:

"Do not think of anything, do not think of anything at all!
Do not contrive, but relax naturally and gently!
The contrived state is the precious unborn treasury.
It is path blazed by all victorious ones of the three times."
Lonchen Rabjam
All thoughts are just projections of virtual reality, instead of resting in reality as it is -spontaneously arisen, here and now, vibrating from moment to moment.
Stop it. Without violence, just, simply and softly, cut through.

Day-dreaming is every thought which stays longer than trace on water surface.
With the help of gentle bringing of attention on the breath and corresponding rhythmic movements of the body, come back to the simplicity of being.
When you hear a sound, or see objects in the vision field, when you sense warmth of the sun rays on the skin, or smell some fragrance - notice that and stop!
Where are they?
Where is it?
Happening out there and perceived here inside?
Where? Inside and outside of what?
No, there is no answer. 
There is no here; there is no there.
It is just mind. And there is no mind, never was and never will be.
Where are all those thoughts?
From moment to moment everything seemingly arises and disappears, although there never were anything at all.
Feel the free space of awareness, non-local, luminous emptiness of the mind and bliss of return from multiplicity to unicity of experience.
Released, with consciousness shifted with open light channel to the space of heart, stay in deep peace.


  1. Very good thoughts and ideas to think about. Quieting, enjoying sometimes difficult.

  2. Yes, that indeed, all of the above ~ I enjoy your writing and your take on life, as far as it shines through your blog - Cheers! ☼ tomas